I create my strategic watch

Create your own business intelligence

“The winners will be those who restructure the way information flows in their company.” Bill Gates

This tool of competitive watch is addressed as well to the VSE, SME or large account, which want to control their competitive information. You will not waste time in an incalculable number of parasite or advertising results.

Those who generate their data have the power, we give you the opportunity to reverse the process today with our internet monitoring tool: Latlas.pro.


veille stratégique

Strategic intelligence tool

  • Targeting competitive sites
    You target the sites to be monitored
  • Search for documents by filter
    Word, Excel, PPT, PDF format
  • No infobesity
    No parasite sites (blog, forum), no advertising
  • Visible only internally
    Seen only by your users in your company
  • Indexing of ethical sites
    monitoring of robots.txt guidelines

Making your own engine becomes possible and easy by not going through the behemoths.