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April 2022

March 2022

Bye-bye Google & co ! With Latlas, everyone can create their own search engine in a few clicks

Search engines are now part of our daily lives, whether we use them for professional or personal purposes. On Google alone, 6.9 billion queries were made every day in 2021 (source).

A hegemony that is not without its problems! Because at the same time, the American giant has collected and stored on its servers more than 110 million GB of personal data.

Users are also finding it increasingly difficult to search with peace of mind, given the invasion of advertising they are facing. For the GAFAs, this is a gold mine: online advertising has allowed Google to make 76 billion in annual net profit in 2021 (source).

But how do you get rid of all these problems that occur with most of the current public search engines?

The solution is to use simple and effective alternatives, such as the creation of a search engine thanks to the SaaS (Software as a Service) mode that offers., a French solution against the current of GAFA

Do you know that the SaaS engine allows to get rid of all the constraints related to the use of the GAFA programs?

It would be vain to believe that it is possible to escape the storage of data on these giants of the digital world. Moreover, in recent years, controversies have erupted concerning the tracking of users, including when they were using the “private browsing” mode (source).

The search experience is also tedious: advertisements abound on all pages and, even if many results are displayed, they are rarely targeted.

Hence the interest of the innovation, the search engine designed 100% on demand. Everything becomes possible: launch a general search engine, a thematic search engine (horse, car, DIY, finance…) or target cities, a department or a region.

Frederic Plisson, the founder, underlines:

The websites included in are only those that the creator wishes to have. It is thus possible to integrate only the sites which one wishes in the results!

The creation of SaaS engine is a solution accessible to all.

This alternative, ideal for the SME or institutional, makes it possible to launch an independent tool of research :

at a lower cost ;
in phase with the needs of the company;
easy to create via a software offering an intuitive interface, clear information and a language understandable by all (few technical words);
without any installation, since everything is done online from the desktop;
and Made in France: is developed in France, including for hosting (even in Europe).

Frédéric specifies:

Each SME can create its own search engine, turnkey. It will thus obtain an innovative solution, and without any competition, just like the search results which are in conformity with the expectations of the company.

A tool that also allows to earn money

There is indeed a major asset not to be neglected: the possibility to earn money, which allows to recover part of the investments.

The principle is simple: it is enough to sell sponsored links to numerous advertisers wishing to reach targeted communities. With, always, the free control as for the contents. Only the engine owner can agree to sell advertising links. The users who click on them will then be sent to products and services.

Another option is also to propose a paying registration., it is also the creation of strategic intelligence engine

Since January 2022, proposes also a strategic watch engine. As a reminder, this strategic tool allows to use all the power of Internet to watch the evolution of the market.

And there again, this software essential to gain in competitiveness can be created in SaaS to ensure a secure and targeted monitoring.

Companies will benefit from a turnkey program to collect valuable information. Indeed, thanks to, it is possible to target specific sites to monitor and ethical platforms to follow the evolution of standards.

With a (huge) little extra: this solution is only visible internally!

Frédéric explains:

This discretion guarantees the impartiality of the strategic watch: no parasite site will appear to distort the data. It is also faster, because there is no advertising.