Create a search engine

Creating a search engine can be beneficial for any company because it allows to collect data and information on a theme. In this article, we are talking about external search engines (Google, Bing, Baidu) and not internal search engines for a website.

How an engine is composed: the functionalities

1) Search program

This is a program that is usually associated with a search engine. If a client types a search term into the search engine, the program searches for the words in question in the index. The search program then reads the pages found in the databases and creates a ranking or position (assigns them a place) in the search engine based on the evaluation of the website content.

It is important to remember that developing a search algorithm and putting it into practice is an extremely complex, laborious and time-consuming process.

2) Crawler, spider or spider

The crawler reads the code of the page in a slightly different way than the browser. The crawler interprets the code and bypasses the HTML tags, i.e. it retains the text itself. The crawler places tags in the text. The tags tell the search engine where to find the subject of the page and the importance of the texts on the page, i.e. where in the code of the page is the searched text (the text can be found in the headers, the text of the page, the title).

The crawler reads the page and then links to other pages on the company’s website. Thanks to this, the content of the pages is also checked by the crawler. The crawler then moves on to external links to other sites. And there, history repeats itself.

3) Databases

The databases are, in short, all the pages that the crawler has examined.

4) Index

An index is a collection of all unique phrases and words with links. The links point to pages in the database.

Is there a turnkey engine?

You can find solutions to create a search engine, but in general, you will have to learn or know how to code to set it up correctly on a server. Not to mention the implementation to be done on a server.

Some criteria to make a search engine

Simple to configure and use

  • Can create a working search engine in less than a minute!
  • No programming is required.
  • User-friendly wizard-based interface.
  • The easiest search engine software to create a website search script!
  • Easy to customize
  • Wide range of options to customize the search engine
  • Search result page formatting is fully configurable.
  • Support for style sheets and templates.
  • Boolean and wildcard search function.
  • Indexes many file types, including PDF, Microsoft Word (doc, rtf), Excel (xls) and PowerPoint (ppt), all HTML and text.

Our engine solution

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